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Niamh McLaughlin 


Photography | Video | Social Media Management

Photo | Video | Social Media Management

Experienced, freelance content creator delivering spectacular digital media content. Available for social media management, wedding coverage and commercial projects.

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I love meeting new clients! If any of the above services seem like they'd be a good fit for your business reach out and let's see what we can make together!

I am delighted to offer photography, videography and social media management services. I launched my business with the intention to be a one stop shop for small business owners. Over the past year I have helped businesses to establish an online presence and provided them with bespoke photography of their business products and services, which has helped them engage with customers across social media.


Another large part of my business as a photographer and videographer, is capturing weddings for couples across Ireland. As a true romantic, I really enjoy documenting weddings and capture the beautiful heartfelt moments in the most natural of ways. I really melt into the background of your big day, whilst still capturing those all important memories. Click here to read more about my wedding services.


Each element of my service offering compliments the next. If we start with a full photo and video package, it makes sense for me to then work with you as a social media client also (however there is never any pressure, and sometimes people are happy enough to run their own socials).


Whether it’s for a product or business, family portrait photography, event or sports photography or anything else in between, I would be delighted to be your chosen photographer for your project. Having studied photography for 3 years as part of my undergraduate degree, I have a keen eye for what looks good on camera, and love implementing my signature style of really bringing out the colours within the photo. If it’s your wedding day and the clouds are grey, don’t be worried as these can easily be touched up during the editing stage. 


Over the past year I have worked with clients on product and business videography, sports videography, event and wedding videography and much more. Each and every business and event can benefit from videography and I would be delighted to add value to your products, services and events.


Sports videography is something I have recently started to work in and as an avid sports fan, I am more than delighted to capture teams and athletes to help them improve upon their performance and tactics.

Social Media Management

Photography and videography are long established services, so everyone is familiar with what they entail. Social media management however is the new kid on the block, and is the service that gets a lot of enquiries with regards to what it actually is.

Social Media Management is the management of social media pages across a number of platforms, aiming to increase your following and engagement and ultimately, creating an increase of consumers and business profits. Putting time into your social media channels really does convert into customers. Unfortunately not a lot of businesses realise this and rely solely upon traditional forms of marketing such as print media.

As your social media manager, I sit down with you to discuss your monthly aims and goals, the services and products you want to highlight each month. I then go away and create the bespoke social media graphics, captions and hashtags that will enable you to engage with the correct audiences.

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