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Niamh McLaughlin 

Wedding Packages and Pricing

I've often hmm'd and haa'd about adding my pricing to my website, but with such an increase in wedding enquiries recently and to save a lot of back and forth with messaging, emails, ghosting (yes), and for overall for transparency, I have decided to add my pricing to my website.

Perhaps the biggest reason for me not wanting to do this, is because I was scared that other vendors may have a sneak peak and judging me, but everyone works different ways and prices their time and work differently. 

For me, my pricing reflects not only my ability, knowledge, approach and professionalism, but also my quality and general attitude. I LOVE working with couples. I can really say that at the end of each wedding day, I feel I have gained two more beautiful friends!

Before you may be tempted to nip directly to the price list, I urge you to first open my wedding brochure with a cup of tea and give yourself a good few minutes to take in those first few introductory pages.


Whether you decide to book my packages or not, there are some really valuable points to think about when booking your photo and video vendors - simply because you need to know what you are paying for as the results will last a lifetime.

If you read this far, WOOHOO! Well done you.

And if you sneakily snuck to the bottom of the page - I see you!!! Scroll up and read through quickly :)

Click here for my Wedding Brochure - providing advice and further details on each package.

Click here for my Price List.

Please note that my prices are subject to change, however I will notify potential bookings via my social media pages of this, including a date of when to expect an increase.

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