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Niamh McLaughlin 

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Hello There Website Visitor!

Oh how I wish I could make the title more personal to YOU, but then again, it might be a bit creepy!

Thanks for taking the time to explore my website. Here's a bit more about me!

I'm Niamh and i'm a wedding photographer and videographer, social media manager, portrait photographer and content creator.

I have both an Undergraduate and Masters degree in Media and Broadcast production. After launching my business in September 2021, I have worked closely with couples on their big day, helped small businesses promote their services and products through social media and email marketing and captured life's cherished moments amongst family and friends.

My approach is relaxed and chilled and I like to capture the beautiful heartfelt moments, whilst melting away into the background of your family events and memories.

On your wedding day, I am much more than your wedding photographer/videographer. I'm your best friend, guiding you through each stage and helping you feel comfortable in front of the camera on your big day . I also have quite the knack for pinning a corsage or two and acting as the bridesmaid you never knew you needed!

For a commercial shoot, i'll help put you and your staff at ease, giving you tips on how to relax and pose in front of the camera for headshots, or my top social media tips on a content creation shoot.

If you have something exciting in mind that you'd like me to help you with, make sure to get in touch.

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